Breakfast/After school

The clubs are available to children aged from 3 to 11 years. Here at Lower Willingdon we try to make your child’s time with us as rewarding as possible. Our buildings are jam packed with activities for your child to enjoy such as art and craft, age appropriate toys and lots of imaginative play opportunities. Even when it is not play time the emphasis will always be on having fun or relaxing in a warm and friendly environment. Our premises are very secure and if the weather permits your child will be able to play outside safely with a wide range of toys and equipment.  Please feel free to contact us to book your child into either Breakfast or After School Clubs.  Please note that if your child is booked in for a session you will incur the charge for the session if you do not cancel the place with appropriate notice.

Breakfast Club

Our breakfast club is open from 7.30am everyday during term time and can be booked in advance. We have a selection of breakfast foods available to your child, including popular healthy cereals, fruit, toast and bread products given with the option of water or milk to drink. Children will be escorted over to their classrooms or the school playground in time for the start of the school day.

After School Club

Children are collected from Willingdon Primary School and escorted to our premises, only a short walk away.  We provide a healthy snack for the children such as bagels, wraps or sandwiches and encourage the children to eat healthily, with a drink of water or milk also.