We are very pleased to share that the Pre-School had a very successful Ofsted inspection in September 2018 giving us a grading of ‘Outstanding’ in Personal development, behaviour and welfare and a grading of ‘Good’ for all other areas.  We were thrilled with the outcome of the inspection as it gave a true reflection of the expectation and standard of the setting.

Quotes from the recent inspection:

‘Staff support children’s personal well-being superbly well.  Children rapidly gain highly valuable skills that help them to consistently and independently treat others with the utmost respect.  They behave exceptionally well, explore the exciting environment with supreme confidence and are extremely enthusiastic and motivated learners.’

‘Staff assess children’s development closely and plan precisely for their next steps in learning.’  ‘Staff offer a wide variety of exciting creative opportunities and children thoroughly enjoy setting up their own painting activities.  They take great pride in describing their paintings in detail and enthusiastically explore how they can mix and create new colours.’

‘Children are exceedingly happy and secure, and settle immediately into their play.  Staff give all children the freedom to explore the environment at their own pace and consistently encourage their ideas.  They value children’s achievements extremely highly and children develop an excellent sense of self-esteem.’

‘Children develop strong early literacy skills, and begin to write their names and recognise different letter sounds.  They are confident communicators and effectively use talk to help build their excellent early friendships.’

For a copy of the full report please click here

For more information about the inspection framework please do look at the following documents to gain a greater understanding of the guidelines that we, as a setting need to cover: