To achieve the Early Years Foundation Stage it is paramount that parents are involved at all stages of their child’s development at the setting.  It is a two-way dialogue to promote children’s well-being. Please help us to establish this relationship by contributing and getting involved as much as possible.

In the setting each member of staff specialises in one or two areas of the curriculum where they can support and advise others if any assistance is needed.  They map out the year with their expectations of development to give a broad and balanced curriculum with points of reference in order to set high expectations for all of the children in the setting making references to Development Matters.  Further references to the curriculum are included in the main room of the setting where each subject lead(s) completes a language flower which aids as a prompt to all staff to ensure the curriculum is being covered throughout the year.

However, the way we plan our days within the setting is very dynamic, and we are constantly adapting to what is needed on a day to day basis for the children in our care. We keep track of what each child gravitates towards and what engages them, as this is always going to be the best way to ensure individual children thrive. We have moved away from set themes, as this can be stifling for children, if the topic does not interest them. Instead, each key person strives to be in tune with their key children, and offer them the resources and activities which will do the most for their individual needs.

Each academic year we ask your children more about their experiences and what they like to play with and structured their learning experiences around this.  The information that you give us on a regular basis about your child proves invaluable as it enables us to provide learning opportunities that empower them to show us their knowledge and understanding of the world around them in so many ways and put it into practice with the adults and peers around them.